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It is now clear from recent events and events from the past that many investigative journalist are for hire in this country, paid by the highest bidder to go after targets. This bizzare turn of events came out with revelations about Anika Gumbs Sandiford blatantly lying about Anil Roberts, aided and abetted by the sleeping editor, Judy Raymond. What is emerging is a dangerous game of backroom dealing, political horse trading, extortion bribery and political character assassination. The issue is, who paid for these shots? Was this another internal nasty back stabbing PP politics for which it has become famous or a PNM paid Syrian Hit; it bears hallmarks of both. The following facts are clear:

  1. Anika shot Jack Warner regularly cause he not paying no extortion money, who pays for this hit?
  2. Anika then hunts down and buss mark on Fuad who was doing nothing wrong.
  3. Anika then turns her guns on Anil. Who pays for this?
  4. Anika first started shotting Annand early but then stopped dead in her tracks! Why is this?
  5. Anika boosts in the Guardian news room how she is able to access any information and document from this government thru a high official? Who is that man?
  6. Anika has gotten a HDC house from Jearlean John, boss lady of HDC and Udecott! Why jearlean, why?
  7. Since she has gotten this house she doesn’t attack Jearlean, Rudy Moonilal and the AG, although the corruption in HDC and Udecott is the worst in the Government! Tell us Jearlean who instructed you to give this house?

How many other journalist have you given houses?

How come the Syrian Mafia does not come after you?

How is it that single needy mothers do not receive houses but this political Ho gets one?

  1. These persons, Jearlean, Rudy and others are starting to squirm cause the Prime Minister is starting to see their game.
  2. Anika is now turning to her political handlers for help but they have turned their backs on her. She is threatening to release information of those she is protecting and has run into the hands of Ramesh! She tells her handlers if she is not paid she is going to buss marks on who gives her information and what every body running scared.

These people who have traded and given her information and instructions to hit and target people, their asses are quaking, lets see where this will end.

  1. Syrian Mafia and JearLean John – Deadly combination, tell us Sabga why have you turned your dogs on the Government?

Buss dey throat Anil.


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